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Tell Me A Secret- PTSD

One of my favorite TV programs comes on Sunday morning on CBS at 6:30 AM my time here in California.  It is called the Sunday Morning Show.  I like it because it talks about various short stories dealing with current events, entertainments, sports, special events, travel etc etc.  These 15 minutes always intrigues me and informs me and more than once has stirred me into some action.

This week-end there was a segment which dealt with something that could easily be what I’m all about here at www.beyondptsd.org.  Telling me your deepest secret which obviously has to do with PTSD.  In this segment a man came up with an idea that everyone has a secret that they have not told to anyone, ever.  He started by handing out postcards and instructed the recipient to anonymously share a secret that they have never shared with anyone ever before.  It started as wanting material for a book that he was planning to write.  The experiment, that he had undertaken, resulted in literally millions of secrets.  Some secrets funny, some sad and as they said in the segment “Every time you think that you can not be more fully surprised, a postcard arrives that stuns you”

So how does this relate to www.beyondptsd.org ? Many people with PTSD hold tightly to their innermost secrets.  I can remember thinking at one point, “How can anyone really want me if they find out what I have done?” The person who came up with the postcard idea said, “I think that holding on to a secret may keep you from ever dealing with it or ever getting past it.”  I feel the same way about PTSD.  I strongly feel that eventually getting to the heart of this secret and exposing it to the light of day, is the only way to eventually rid oneself of this terrible burden.

Of course, I do not feel that the average person is able to start at the secret itself.  Nibbling around the edges allows for a boldness to set it.  The more risk you take the bigger the reward you might make.  Eventually you will develop the courage to deal directly with anything and everything and this will allow you the freedom that you need but which might have temporarily lost.   

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