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I have talked often about suicide and PTSD. Mostly I discussed the military side of this and how the totals seem to be close to one per hour every day. I think the last total I heard was 22 per day but I’ve also heard that the figure seems to be going up and not down so the exact figure might fluctuate. NO matter the figure it is still too many and is of concern to many besides myself.

I have also talked about other ways that PTSD can attach itself to someone. Whether it is another occupation like the Police Department which also seems to have it’s own suicide problems which might have a PTSD component or other occupations like Fire forces, emergency doctors, first respondents etc. also may find these suicide statistics associated with PTSD.

I’ve also talked in blogs about how hard it was for my wife and I to deal with the death of our child. It was due to it being “still born” but it was still one of the most devastating things I have ever endured even though we never really got to know him. Even though I experienced the loss I could not fathom how terrible it would have been if we had the chance to get to know him and make him a part of our family unit.

I’ve also talked at length about violence and how it impacts others and implants PTSD in a percentage of those who go through the experience. So it does not come as a complete surprise to me to hear that the parent of one of the Sandy Hook slaughter victims has just committed suicide. Jeremy Richmond has apparently just been found to have been a suicide victim. The Richmond family lost their son in 2012 to the Sandy Hook massacre. I am so saddened by this but can completely understand it. I believe that Mr. Richmond and his wife had established a fund, in their sons name, that dealt with the effects of this tragedy and others, as well, had on the victims of these tragedies. But the truth is, the victims are not only ones affected indirect victims are affected too. This means not only that we who already have PTSD may have our PTSD stimulated but new victims who are also waiting in line to be able to get PTSD sometime in the near future.

I know that we have laws protecting gun ownership but something about this is wrong in my mind. Mass shootings are classified as at least 4 people being killed. I just read that there have been over 1000 mass shootings since the Sandy Hook murders. That means over 4,000 deaths by gunfire all across the Country whether it be the Parkland shootings in Florida on the East Coast to the mass shootings in Las Vegas further West and anything in between. It seems crazy to me. If I had a passion for a particular sport lets say Basketball and you asked me “Would you give up your sport to save 4,000 people my answer would be ‘yes’ “. Hunting and target practice are respectable activities but for you are they worth even one life?

The other argument for guns is for protection and though the statistics say you are safer without a gun in your home, most say they don’t believe in these statistics or that statistics can be used to confirm anything. I have never heard anyone saying they want to “Take away your gun”. I just feel that there are some sensible laws that can be passed not to do away with guns altogether and thereby assuring that the mass shootings might occur but if it stopped any percentage I would be in favor of the change.

There is a saying that I heard about PTSD. It goes something like this, “There have been 44,000 deaths in Vietnam and they were the lucky ones” PTSD is a terrible thing to deal with and I wish it on no one but every day we are faced with issues that potentially provide the vehicle for new PTSD victims to walk the street. Right now the latest statistic I heard is that there are 7.7 million PTSD sufferers in the United States. We need to address this issue because it is a growing problem that according to the military “Has no cure” Come and get involved at www.beyondptsd.org

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