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Is the site for Veterans with PTSD?

This site was originally established as a vehicle for Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. However it has evolved in to a site that deals with PTSD no matter how it was obtained: rape, phsyical abuse , terrorism, natural calamity, occupational PTSD (emergency workers, first responders, police, fire), bullying, and many others. It is not limited to military-related PTSD

How many people suffer from PTSD?

The most current statistics indicate that there are over 7.7 million PTSD sufferers in the United States. Beyond PTSD chief goal is to connect with each of these people.

Why did you start the site, "Beyond PTSD"?

Ron left the military after serving one year in Vietnam and realized that he was suffering from what later was diagnosed as PTSD. He had done extensive journaling and felt that it had brought him insights into his own condition. Ron felt that if it worked for him it would work for others and so he began blogging on social media, and vlogging shortly followed. To date he has reached over 7k people through his efforts.

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