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Eddie Ray Routh-PTSD

Does the name Eddie Ray Routh ring a bell? No, I thought not. But what if I say Chris Kyle?  Most all of us might recognize Chris as the American Sniper, the “Devil of Ramadi” the hero Clint Eastwood immortalized in his film, “The Sniper” .

Who is Eddie Ray Routh of this same story? Give up? He is the poor soul who was so tormented with his PTSD that he felt convinced enough that he had to murder Chris Kyle at that fateful gun range. He was the period at the end of the American Sniper’s life.

My fear today is that there are going to be many others like Eddie Ray Routh wandering the Country after they return home from their tours of duty. These poor GIs may have nowhere to go to ease their PTSD feelings that they have planted in themselves after leaving Afghanistan and Iraq. I hope that some, if not all, will find their way to the Military PTSD Forum to find a healthier outlet for their feelings instead of violence.  Posting is free and every day there are more here who either can sympathize or provide some needed support.

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