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Disagreeing with a post- PTSD

After my blog yesterday I received quite a few name calling responses from people who don’t agree with me.  This is such a shame because it immediately puts people into their chosen corners.   Many, who are reluctant to take a position because they are tired of personal attacks that they might receive.   You see, it doesn’t matter what side of any debate you take there are always some on the other side who are just as sure that you are wrong that they are quick to jump on you and usually it begins not with a cogent opinion or argument but instead, “You are an idiot” or something similar.  This is a tip that I believe will allow for more of an intelligent discussion rather then a missile lob from one side followed by n equal and opposite lob from the other.

This is one of the reasons that I have had to read each post submitted before I enter it.  I don’t care what anyone says about themselves, or any of their own personal experiences but I do not want to have anyone attack what anyone else says about themselves.  I know personally that it is immensely hard to bare your soul only to hear feedback from someone saying something derogatory, or worse, something they think is amusing but is mean spirited.  I love hearing supportive comments which, I feel, encourages additional opening up.  PTSD sufferers may have been in the closet for a long time and a lame comment to them at the wrong time does nothing but drive them back into hiding.  I know that some of these people thing that what they say is humorous but honestly most are just not that funny.

I’ve gotten so far down the road with my own admissions that, though I’m not happy to hear the derogative things, I’m not crushed by them.  I simply wish people would try and say their point of view without the name calling.  Your experiences are different then mine and mine different than yours.  Because you don’t or won’t understand doesn’t mean that either of our experiences are wrong.  I’m telling my truths at this sight.  These posts are mine alone and they are intended to help others open up and let the light shine in.  They say that sunlight is the best disinfectant.  When you are ready please come and share yourself with others www.beyondptsd.org is our web site.  There are lots of things to read and comment on. This could be an easy way for you to get started on your own path to healing.  PTSD is a formidable enemy and we are here to support you any way that we can.  If there is something that you feel could be beneficial to everyone please share it.  I truly believe that we as a group holds some of the keys to solving the PTSD puzzle.

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