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A Safe Place To Get Free & Immediate Help For Every Day Issues.


How We Help You

Beyond PTSD™ is a safe space to access free videos on specific PTSD issues, access to low-cost therapy, and learn how to survive PTSD to live your best everyday life.

100% Non-Profit

Beyond PTSD™ is a registered non-profit. 100% of net proceeds from the organization are contributed to helping sufferers & their families.

Who We Are

Beyond PTSD™ is a group of individuals & family members of suffers who have learned to rise above PTSD & live their best lives, daily.

Our Mission

We strive to reach out to all 8 Mil. people suffering from PTSD, along with their significant others & friends, to help them thrive–1 day at a time.

Beyond PTSD™ is a Place For Anyone Impacted by PTSD

Because PTSD Doesn’t Always Look Like PTSD

Military PTSD Sufferers

Were you deployed? Were you NEVER deployed? Not “officially” diagnosed? Doesn’t matter. Hundreds of videos & blog posts are 1-click away, to help you with any situation.

Non-Military Sufferers

From trauma to sexual assault, this is a home for EVERYONE. Access help on any subject, to help you get through the good and bad days.


Beyond PTSD™ is a Place For Anyone Impacted by PTSD  is a place for PTSD sufferers & their family to get SPECIFIC help in daily challenges, fast. No waiting period, no signing up, no charge.

Family or Friends of Sufferers

Have a family member or friend with PTSD? Want to understand how to help, navigate or just understand triggers? How to cope? Welcome home.

People Who Struggle With Symptoms but No Diagnosis

PTSD doesn’t always LOOK LIKE PTSD. Anger, depression, and anxiety are all symptoms. If you struggle, click around. We can help.

Popular videos & posts


Happy Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day and PTSD I was thinking about this for the last couple of days and trying to organize my thoughts to be able to capture my thinking in a coherent fashion.  The obvious part of a Mother’s Day greeting would be the service women, who are also mothers,...

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Letter from Follower -Secrets and PTSD

Letter from a Follower- After writing my last post, which I put up two days ago I continued to read letters that I had received.  Part of my memory path was thinking about my own secrets and how I got to them, but I was unable to reconstruct it from my actual...

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Tell Me A Secret-PTSD

Tell Me A Secret- PTSD One of my favorite TV programs comes on Sunday morning on CBS at 6:30 AM my time here in California.  It is called the Sunday Morning Show.  I like it because it talks about various short stories dealing with current events,...

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